The reason for choosing SUNTOOL is the continuous evolution of high-tech power and the ability to meet customer needs.

Design, manufacturing and sales of hot melt adhesives for various industries,
such as hygiene products, automobile industry, printing industry and so on.

Design, manufacturing and sale of application devices for medicinal solutions, aroma chemicals and other liquid materials including HMA.

We are contributing to a wide variety of industries including paper diaper, automobiles, construction materials,
and printing with our fine liquid application and lamination technologies.

We are particularly focused on the sanitary materials (napkins and paper diapers) industry.

Our technical group has the largest domestic share in the industry.

Since 2011, it has set up a business office in China and India based on the world’s first goal.


What’s hot melt adhesive (HMA)?

Hot melt adhesive (HMA) is an adhesive that melts with heat and solidifies (bonds) at normal temperature.

●HMA application technologies
1. HMA brings benefits in production lines requiring high productivity thanks to its characteristics of melting with heat and solidifying at normal temperature.
2. Hot melting is ideal for producing sanitary pads and diapers by laminating various materials together.
3. Lamination is performed with technologies combining planar/fibrous, contact coating, and non-contact spray applications.
4. We determine optimum systems for the application depending on the type of HMA to be used.

●Roles of SUNTOOL
We call the above 1 to 4 “application technologies” (technologies for HMA)
Because customers’ demands for production lines and devices to be manufactured change depending on their product specifications.
Above all, production lines play a central role and our application devices play supporting roles.
But a leading player can perform well only when supporting players do their best.
The productivity and quality of the devices are thus crucial.

We must expand our application technologies, improve the performance of devices and broaden our applications.