Application technologies

>SUNTOOL’S application technologies create a variety of patterns.

Curtain spray

Patented technology

The curtain spray application technology enables HMA to be applied in a fibrous form uniformly. This technology also enables other liquids to be uniformly sprayed by atomizing them.

For laminating disposable diapers, napkins, pet sheets, medical sheets, automobile carpets, construction house wrapping sheets, heat insulating materials, other nonwoven fabrics and films

Spiral spray


The spiral spray application method enables adhesive to be applied in spirals. This method can apply adhesive over a wider area than the bead application method.SUNTOOL’s spiral nozzle uses secondary air to achieve stable patterns.

>For diapers, napkins, pet sheets, heat insulating materials and lagging materials.

Slot coating


The slot coating method enables adhesive to be applied with a constant width to an entire surface or in a striped pattern. There are two types of nozzle using this method: a method of applying adhesive using the tension between rolls, and a method of applying adhesive on rolls. Continuous or intermittent (partial application) operation can be selected according to the purpose.

Sanitary materials, printing, bag-making, bag-opening materials, and woodworking



The E-coating method enables adhesive to be applied without streaks or uneven spots. Since the applied adhesive is highly transparent, this method is ideal for laminating transparent films where characters are printed.


Pattern coating (Design coating)


HMA can be applied like flexography printing. Fine lettering and designs on the pattern roll can be made a copy and securely printed.

For partial application of labels, seals, slips, business forms and other types of paper and films

Foaming melt


HMA is converted to foam by mixing gas. This method adds cushioning properties to HMA and reduces the amount of HMA used.

For construction materials, fillers for household appliances, seals, packing for containers, etc.



Continuous lines and/or fine dots are stably applied repeatedly. Ultrafine lines can be precisely and partially applied with a narrow pitch.

For packaging, assembly parts, filter fixing, construction materials, woodworking, etc.



HMA is applied in a Z-shaped pattern.

For laminating disposable diapers, napkins, medical sheets, construction house wrapping sheets, other nonwoven fabrics and films


HMA is applied in a random pattern.  Wave pattern gives the material more adhesive strength by applying glue overlapped.

For diapers, napkins, oher nonwoven fabrics and films.

Comb gun/Slit coating

We have a technology that can make rubber thread knots directly get through.

Sanitary materials