Recruit information

Our company’s goal is “Create solutions based on application technology.”

Develop continuous application devices for hot melt adhesive.
SUNTOOL is a specialist gives an outstanding performance in a niche market.

Application technologies require fine techniques because the process is easily influenced by subtle changes in the conditions such as material and volume of HMA, characteristics of target objects, production rate, and temperature and humidity at the time of production.
Not only knowledge, but also experience is essential to master the techniques.

Because of the fact that neither drying process nor risks or concerns caused by the use of solvent HMA has, it has been used in various fields including sanitary products, construction/civil engineering, automobiles, packaging/book binding/paper processing, printing and electronics lately. Today,our application devices are used in any kinds of industries.

And application technologies have also been improving and have attracted attention using liquid materials other than HMA, thus broadening their appeal in the future.
We provide detailed training on our excellent application techniques, which will give you a sense of accomplishment with our customers, and bring motivation to work and life. live

We are recruiting people who are interested in the use of application technologies.

Guidelines for applicants

*Currently not recruiting


Recruitment requirements
①Business technicians are being recruited
Belong to the business technology department, responsible for the sales of application devices for hot melt adhesive both domestic and overseas.
Asia (China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.)
The main contents of the work are as follows
1 Business activities for customers
2 The installation and test of the customer’s application devices
3 Providing technical guidance and after-sales service for customers
Every year we are active in the world’s growing sanitary materials industry(Diaper and Napkin).
※People with little experience or no experience can also come to consult.

②Mechanical technicians are being recruited
Belong to the production department, responsible for the manufacture of application devices for hot melt adhesive
The main contents of the work are as follows
1 Assembly and testing of application devices for hot melt adhesive according to style books and designs.
2 Discuss with customers of application devices, coordinate inspection, etc.
Every year,in the world’s growing sanitary materials industry,we are the only master of this technology in Japan
※ Welcome people who are interested in machinery. We will provide serious guidance.

③Design and mechanical design (We currently have no opening positions with mechanical design. )
Belong to the design of production department ,making the design of mechanical systems that meet the needs of application technology in various industries.
(Custom Maid electronic design and mechanical design)

④Materials procurement business are being recruited. (Import and export trade salesman and part-time job)
Belong to the production department,Material purchasing(Acceptance including),Packaging, Shipping,Other related business and part-time job of import and export trade.
※People with little experience or no experience can also come to consult.

Employment status
Permanent employee *Labor condition and salary stated as below doesn’t change even though we have a trial period in the first 6months.
Depends on age, experience, skills, etc.
Compensation package
Salary raise once a year, bonus twice a year, commuting allowance, overtime entitlement, housing allowance, family allowance, attendance/perfect attendance allowance, long-service allowance, position allowance
Work location
Head office (Osaka), Plant (Osaka), Yokohama sales office (Yokohama)
Work hours
Holidays/days off
Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, annual paid holidays, special holidays, new year’s holidays
Complete with social insurance (health insurance, employee pension insurance, worker’s accident compensation insurance, employment insurance), employee’s saving scheme system, company outings
Evaluation system
Documentary elimination, interview
How to apply
Please send your resume with your photo attached and details of your qualifications and experience to the General Affairs Division in our head office.
General Affairs Division
Suntool Corporation
34-15 Dainichihigashi-machi, Moriguchi City, Osaka 570-0016, Japan
Phone: +81-6-6780-4160