Our company’s goal is “Create solutions based on application technology.”

Develop continuous application devices for hot melt adhesive.
SUNTOOL is a specialist gives an outstanding performance in a niche market.

Application technologies require fine techniques because the process is easily influenced by subtle changes in the conditions such as material and volume of HMA, characteristics of target objects, production rate, and temperature and humidity at the time of production.
Not only knowledge, but also experience is essential to master the techniques.

Because of the fact that neither drying process nor risks or concerns caused by the use of solvent HMA has, it has been used in various fields including sanitary products, construction/civil engineering, automobiles, packaging/book binding/paper processing, printing and electronics lately. Today,our application devices are used in any kinds of industries.

And application technologies have also been improving and have attracted attention using liquid materials other than HMA, thus broadening their appeal in the future.
We provide detailed training on our excellent application techniques, which will give you a sense of accomplishment with our customers, and bring motivation to work and live.

We are recruiting people who are interested in the use of application technologies.

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