Foaming melt

SUNTOOL’s foaming applicators deliver innovative productivity.


  • Convert HMA to foam by mixing nitrogen gas.
  • Closed-cell foam has low water absorbability and improves shock resistance.
  • The expansion ratio of foam can be easily controlled.
  • SUNTOOL’s unique design allows switching between foaming and non-foaming.
    Suntool’s unique design enables to switch between foaming and non-foaming.
  • Newly designed circulation system stabilizes the expansion ratio.
  • Makes surface application possible as well as bead application, offering greater flexibility.
  • Users can easily utilize foaming melt just by entering the desired expansion rate.
    (no technical operation needed)
Tank capacity
Choose a capacity between 3 to 120 liters according to the purpose.
Pump capacity
Choose a capacity between 1 to 40 cc/rev according to the purpose.
Choose a hose with the length of 1–10 m and inner diameter of φ13 according to its setting place.
Gun head
For bead application (variety of orifice diameters), for coater application (coating width: 500 mm max.)
Usage temperature
Normal temperature to 200°C
Foaming expansion ratio
1.0–6.0 times Note: There are limitations according to the type of HMA.
Nitrogen gas generator
Functions of the control panel
System temperature control
Pump rotation control
N2 gas control