Guidance of the lab equipment

“Hot melt application devices”has has various coating method and coating mode
In order to choose the equipment that meets the needs of the customer,
Equipped with hot melt adhesive equipment, line, XYZ robot, accept demo and coating test.
If you need the equipment, please consult.

Line equipment (unwinder/rewinder)
All kinds of coating patterns, speed and material width can be tested.
No.1LINE Coating width/Material width:Maximum250mm(3inch Paper tube)
Line Speed:Maximum600m/min
No.2LINE Coating width/Material width:Maximum500mm(3inch Paper tube)
Line Speed:Maximum400m/min
No.3LINE Coating width/Material width:Maximum800mm(3inch Paper tube)
Line Speed:Maximum400m/min


XYZ robot (Sheet Printing Machine)
It is the most suitable desktop robot coating equipment for simple coating test.
It can be moved to width, depth and height to carry out coating.
XYZ robot X:600m × Y:970mm × Z:100mm