Flow inspection system



Product name Gear type flow meter(SFG series) Differential pressure flowmeter (SF series)
Pressure resistance 5Mpa 5Mpa 5MPa 5MPa
Heat resistant 150℃ 150℃ 150℃ 200℃
Outer diameter W44 x D36 x H27.5(mm) W44 x D36 x H35(mm) W70 x D64 x H42.5 (mm) W90 x D40 xH100(mm) (※1)
Measurement range 1~5g/min (※2) 5~50g/min(※2) 50g~600g/min(※2) 5~200 g/min (※3)

Includes the bending diameter of the sensor cable.
※2 Depends on the operating temperature and viscosity of the hot melt.
Please contact your sales representative for details.
※3 It depends on the viscosity of the hot melt.
The orifice plate will be selected based on the allowable pressure loss, desired measurement range, hot melt temperature viscosity curve etc.

・You can check the IN / OUT feed amount of hot melt.
・It is suitable for measuring the flow rate of necessary parts such as the hose outlet of the tank and the inlet of the gun.
・The flow rate value can be checked on various indicators.

Please check catalogs for detailed specifications.