Hybrid design coat

High speed intermittent coating
It can be applied to products of various lengths.

Low temperature coating can be applied
Reduce the temperature of the printing roll and prevent heat damage to the material.

Low grade coating
Because of the use of convex coating, it can be coated with low grade.

Use the iron roll
The engraving on iron rolls can be applied to the design of curves, words and dots.

Design coat system outline

The design coating system consists of a printing roll, a coater system and a press roll.
The printing roll rotate at the same speed as the material passes.
Transfer the hot melt to the material that is in contact with the press roll.

By giving a certain gap Edition convex rolls and coater head just to the convex version roll hot melt is deposited
Because there is a certain gap between the raised part of the printing plate roller and the front end of the coating machine, there is only hot melt glue in the raised part of the printing plate roller

〈Coating photograph〉