CV Series(Compact type)


  • Touch panel control system using PLC (sequencer) multi-point temperature controller
  • Reduces electricity consumption at the commencement of heating with its two-step heating system
  • Compared with the previous tank,the compact dimensions are controlled(Compared with our company)
CV15 CV45 CV80 CV120
Tank capacity L 15 45 80 120
Melting capacity kg/h
Usage temperature Normal temperature to 200°C
No. of drives (max.) 2 2(4) 2(4) 2(4)
Power capacity
(AC 200V, 3-phase)
External dimension W 650 650 650 650
External dimension D 850 850(1150) 1150 1150
External dimension H 1200 1200 1800 1800
  • Abnormal temperature detector and overheat block alarm are included as standard.
Gear pump types
  • Transmission volume of HMA varies according to the rotation speed and capacity of the pump.