1977Suntool Corporation founded.
1982Started production of special parts for HMA.
1983Developed large-capacity melter for paper diapers.
1985Started production and sale of Melter ZH-30 and ZH-60.
1988Started production of spray gun unit.
1989Suntool Giken K.K. founded.
1992Spiral spray application device completed.
1994Curtain spray application device completed.
1994Moriguchi plant of Suntool Giken K.K. newly built.
1995Suck-back gun completed.
1997Developed Melter GB-75.
1999Obtained ISO9001:1994 certification.
1999Started manufacturing and sale of high-performance spiral spray nozzle.
2002Developed sigma pattern.
2003Developed mirror surface coat (a kind of slot coat).
2003Developed foaming melt.
2003Obtained ISO9001:2000 certification (renewed).
2005Business of Suntool Giken Kogyo K.K. transferred to Suntool Corporation.
2006Developed design coat.
2011Shan Chi Le Spray Painting Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. founded.
Shan ji le trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Founded.
2013Shanghai office relocated.
2013Headquarters relocated.
2014Headquarters relocated from Higashiyodogawa Zuiko to Moriguchi
2014Developed new design coat,Chartered No. 5828469th
2014Started sale of standardized equipment of foaming system
2014India Corporation founded
2014Started development of Rotary cutting gun, Patent application
2015Developed hot melt flow meter
2015Developed the coating head for indicator,Patent application
2016Shanghai office transferred,Trade Co., Ltd changed to manufacturing industry (Shan Chi Le Spray Painting Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)