From the left, DP300P, DP1000, temperature controller

Simple but multifunctional

  • Suitable for various applications by changing the head
  • Maintenance-free simple mechanism
  • Improved user-friendliness with wealth of options
  • Dispenser for reactive HMA is also available (DP300P)
  • Commonly used for bonding small boxes and filling

Robot-installed systems can also be produced.

Option: Aluminum can preheater (See the pictures below.)

Standard specifications

DP1000 DP300S DP300P
Tank capacity(cc) 1000 300 300 cc cartridge
Operation temperature range Normal temperature to 200°C Normal temperature to 150°C
Temperature control PID control (temperature control 1 point) PID control (temperature control 1 point)
Used adhesive All HMA (non-reactive type) PUR reactive type
Maximum viscosity
20,000  20,000 
Pumping system Compressed air addition Compressed air addition
Application signal External signal to gun module External signal to gun module
Electric capacity 100/200VAC 600W 100/200VAC 340W 100/200VAC 340W
External dimension (mm) 143W×177D×374H 103W×132D×347H 103W×132D×347H
Weight (kg) Approx. 8 kg Approx. 4.5 kg Approx. 4.5 kg
Option Air regulator, solenoid valve, mounting stand, application timer, etc.
  • Values may vary according to the property of HMA to be used.

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Aluminum can preheater


  • Two cans of 300 cc aluminum cartridge can be preheated at once.
  • Power voltage: AC 100V

Aluminum cartridge (300 cc)(300cc)


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