PU Series(Tank type for PUR)


Type PU05 PU10
Type Tank type Tank type
Capacity 5L 10L
Melting capacity 2kg/h 5kg/h
External dimension W 400 500
External dimension D 760 760
External dimension H 1230 1400
Melting capacity varies according to the type of HMA.
  • The double melter type is available for each type, which can automatically replace an empty can with a new one. (External dimension is different.)
  • Pump comes with super gear or trochoid gear.
  • Dispenser type for 300 cc aluminum cartridge can is also available.
  • Nitrogen generator is also available.
  • Melter for PUR comes in the tank type and can type like bulk applicator.
  • Melting capacity varies according to the properties of HMA.

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