Foaming melt bead application

Foaming melt 1

Filmed on Sep. 28, 2007

Forms fine and smooth foam like shaving cream.

Foaming melt 2

Filmed on Sep. 28, 2007

HMA is not foamy at first but expands after being discharged from the nozzle.

Foaming melt 3

Filmed on Sep. 28, 2007

The volume of foamed HMA expands to about 1–6 times that of the original state. (non-foamed HMA is applied next to the foamed HMA)

Foaming melt 4

Filmed on Sep. 28, 2007

HMA expands in the slot to fill the gap when applied this way.


Foaming melt 5

Filmed on Sep. 28, 2007

Restorability against pressure can be obtained by using a specific type of HMA.
(The latter half is played at 1/4 speed.)

HMA can be foamed just by entering an arbitrary expansion ratio without any complicated operations.

Samples of foamed HMA are available. Please contact our head office or the Yokohama sales office if needed.

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